12 Ways to raise a confident child (part 6 of 12)

Self-esteem is your child’s passport to a lifetime of mental health and social happiness. It’s the foundation of a child’s well-being and the key to success as an adult. At all ages, how you feel about yourself affects how you act. Think about a time when you were feeling really good about yourself. You probably found it much easier to get along with others and feel good about them. Try these tips and advice to help raise a confident child.

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Practice the Carry-Over Principle

To raise a confident child as she gets older, encourage her talents. She can do well at something, whether as a two-year-old who packs exceptional pretend picnics or a ten-year-old who loves ballet.

Over the years, we’ve noticed a phenomenon we call the carry-over principle: enjoying one activity boosts a child’s self-image, and this carries over into other endeavors. One of our sons is a natural athlete, but he wasn’t interested in academics. Operating on the carry-over principle, we encouraged his enjoyment of athletics while supporting him as he worked on the academics. The schoolwork improved as his overall self-confidence increased.

Recognize your child’s special talents, and help her build on them, then watch the whole person blossom.

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December 21, 2020 December 21, 2020 Dr. Bill Sears

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